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Why Choose BOU?


We are focus on youth enrichment and engagement through developing technical skills and talents, giving them the power and confidence to navigate through online learning as well as to create and manifest the future today.


We are dedicated to filling service and technology gaps for small businesses, through bridging the technological gapwhile engaging the youth through providing a vast variety of  skill training and co-ops for future and existing entrepreneurs.


We are you! Community members, and parents with full time jobs, that have come to realize that in order for us to grow and prosper, each one has to teach one. We must share our knowledge with the youth and build them up. We are the IT professionals that keep your hospitals, and favorite business' up and running, and now it's time we do the same for the community


We are for the people, by the people. BOU is bigger than a CEO and a few board directors, we are a movement that will not stop and will not end. We must do for self and lift our communities and community members up to a new high and level of understanding


BOU is a community group here to make a difference in the lives of our children and communities. We are striving to bridge the technological gap and elevate individuals businesses and communities. We are here to empower young entrepreneurs and scholars, to create and provide opportunities for the youth so they love themselves and love what they do, and do what they love! 

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