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Skill Development

Skill Development: 

   What skills do you have? All too often skills of the individual go under developed and not focused on. BOU is a networking resource that will help all participates discover and fine tune their natural gifts, skills and talents that need to be worked on and fine tuned. 

   Skill development is all about branding your mind and your creative thoughts that are unique and not about branding your body or your image. It is a program that makes the participate look inside of themselves and ask what is unique about me? What do I like to do and what do I want to be good at doing. 

    Technology is a double edge sword which can be productive in many ways but just as counter productive, if not manage.

     Skill development will guide participants to use technology as a tool and not become tools of technology.

      Participate in the skill development course and learn how to build your own PC, coding and much more.

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